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About Us

About Us

Infinitec Co., Ltd.

Infinitec Co., Ltd.


2-12-19, Gotanda NN building 3F, Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0031, Japan


August 21, 1998


50,000 thousand yen

Accounting Period

March 31 (once a year)


President Shin Haga
Director Takashi Uemura
Director Koichi Nishiyama
Director Tsuyoshi Osawa


The development of network-enabled AV system, sale
Development of security-related equipment and applications, sales
The development of speech and imaging-related solutions, sales

Major Partners

  • UKC Holdings Corporation
  • Kyoshin Communications Inc.
  • Uchida Yoko Co., Ltd.
  • Technocare Co., Ltd.
  • Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc.
  • Epson Sales Co., Ltd.
  • Fujitsu CoWorCo Co., Ltd.
  • Hitachi Solutions, Ltd. West
  • Nihon Unisys, Ltd.

Head Office and Office Location

Head Office

2-12-19, Gotanda NN building 3F, Nishi-Gotanda,
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0031, Japan

Tel: +81 3-5759-6810
Fax: +81 3-5759-6820
E-mail: info@infinitec.co.jp

JR Yamanote Line Gotanda Station West Exit / 7-minute walk

Map Information

Yonezawa Plant

2-6-35,Honcho, Yonezawa-shi, Yamagata Pref.
992-0037 Japan

Tel: +81 238-26-5131
Fax: +81 238-26-5132

Map Information

Osaka Office


UKC Holdings Corporation

Various semiconductor and electronic component sales, electronic equipment and systems equipment sales business, quality testing business, be to engage in the EMS business, and the like, and by holding the stock or equity of the companies involved in these businesses, the business activities of the company Control and manage.


TechnoCare Corp.

The development of the graphic engine, development and sales of CAD driver image compression tool, multi-monitor card sales and related product development and sales company of.

Realmedia Lab. Co.

Founded university venture, Inc. realistic Media Lab is the result of Yokohama National University Graduate School of Arisawa laboratory a "realistic world database" for the purpose of development and sales of products at the core. The University of Tokushima (normally Mishima Campus) exhibit high-definition remote lecture control device held / to Japan Society for Educational Technology 21th national convention in collaboration with the Corporation Infini Tech.

Mediagroove Corp.

Through all the Midea (media), the client's thoughts and vision expressed as to the specific shape, design company for the purpose of improvement of intellectual capital strength.

Organizations and Sales Partners

Computer Software Association of Japan (CSAJ)

Computer software collection companies are about 500 companies involved in the product, through its business related to the development of the software industry, healthy development and public benefit corporation of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry approval, which aims to contribute to the improvement of people's lives of the Japanese industry.

Robotics Society of Japan (The Robotics Society of Japan)

Society was founded for the purpose of "balance the dissemination of progress and knowledge of research on robotics, has been to contribute to the academic development".

Green IT Promotion Council (Green IT Promotion Council)

And the reform of economic and social activities by the IT · electronics technology, the association, which was established with the aim of more concrete measures against global warming through this.

IoT Acceleration Consortium

The IoT Acceleration Consortium will be established in Japan with the aim of creating an adequate environment for attracting investment in the future with the Internet of Things (IoT) through public-private collaboration. The background is the possibility of a great change in conventional industry and structure of society with the development of IoT, Big Data, and artificial intelligence (AI) in recent years. While the development of IoT creates new services using data, it also generates concerns about existing businesses rapidly growing obsolete. In expectation of such industrial and social changes caused by IoT and other technologies, the United States, Germany, and other countries have already started making specific efforts.

The IoT Acceleration Consortium aims to combine the strengths of government, industry, and academia and build a structure for developing and demonstrating technologies related to the promotion of IoT as well as creating and facilitating new business models. The consortium promotes (1) the development, demonstration, and standardization for IoT-related technologies and (2) creation of various IoT-related project and recommendations such as regulatory reform necessary to run those projects.

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