Elementary, middle and high schools and universities

    • A-LOCKY Transporter
      • A-LOCKY Transporter (er Rocky transporter) will only be installed on commercially available or your existing USB memory, encrypt bring up data, with confidence in the destination and taking out destination can handle important data.

    • A-LOCKY.net (for schools)
      • In the staff room of the school progress in the introduction of the "one person one personal computer", in spite of the opportunity to deal with personal information, information leakage countermeasure is not foolproof. In the personal information of students, etc., I noticed leaked is slow is. A-LOCKY.net (er Rocky net) (for schools) is the information loss prevention software and integrated system that specializes in the introduction to the school.

    Package for companies and organizations

    • A-LOCKY V5.0 (My number corresponding)
      • A-LOCKY V5.0 (er Rocky V5.0) is encrypted high speed My number safe by a private driver, it is a security products that can be composite. Since it is also compatible to further e-mail software, you can make a more safe and smooth e-mail exchange.

    • A-LOCKY.net (for companies)
      • A-LOCKY.net (er Rocky net) (enterprise), it can enhance the security of the shared server on the network. Only simple and easy-to-understand USB key insertion and removal, encryption and access control of data, the prohibition of network and e-mail, prevents writing to the external medium, the control and information leaks the print restriction function, and the like in advance.

    • Active Web Presentation
      • "ActiveWebPresentation" (active web presentation) is, paperless meetings and utilizing the tablet is ideal for Collaborative Learning. Seminars, workshops, conference presentations, you can also take advantage of, such as the panel the discarding tion.

    • NetChecker
      • A high-quality security diagnosis, offers the menu and price that meets your needs. From among the rich diagnostic menu, customers of Internet security applications, level, you can choose depending on the cost. Of course, also available measures after diagnosis. Based on the diagnostic results, we will propose the customers optimal WEB measures. For more details, please refer to the net checker-only site.

    • PrintOne V6
      • PrintOne V6 (print one Buishikkusu) is a system to operate more than one network printer without being limited to a printer or application. Enhanced security, reduction of printing costs, triple time of the multi-function print is all-in-one. The unique printer driver of purely domestic, to achieve the centralized management of printing that does not matter the manufacturer or model. In addition to the PrintOne V5, we have added the My number corresponding function, and the like

    System integrator for hardware products

    • High-definition multicast corresponding dual stream encoder
      • IFT-DLS264 is a device that transmits real-time high-quality video that was projected in high definition camera to a computer in a remote location. Performance has been UP (HDMI voice superimposed function, HDSDI input, corresponding to 60 frames of full HD, support video transmission up to twice the 16Mbps, MPEG-TS transmission).

    • Keyboard mouse emulator
      • Keyboard mouse emulator (IFT-KME), can control the other PC from the PC, it is a super easy interface. This product, so you can start the keyboard and mouse remote control of PC-to-PC only with a simple USB connection, and then run a smooth presentation. In addition, you can remote control any app not PowerPoint only.

    • Low-cost AV operation panel (IFT-CP12L)
      • IFT-CP12L is, teacher's desk embedded AV system can be easily achieved, function, yet low cost does not have full-scale equipment and inferiority. The projector is compatible to all manufacturers, (please refer to the system catalog IFT-CP12 for more information) corresponding to the digital content.

    • The power supply control unit
      • IFT-P1501 / IFT-P1501LAN is, VTR, mixer, projector, DVD player, etc., you can program the power control of any time for all three systems. In addition, you can remotely control the other of the power supply control unit in the PC-only software over the network.

    IoT services platform

    • M2M service platform (MobileGates)
      • Mobile Gates can be implemented easily and at a lower cost construction and operation of remote monitoring and control system, M2M is a network provider service. E-mail service and in a form to use the system construction of the Web will be provided.